11 Tips to Keep Positive During the Holidays

Holidays, especially Christmas and New Years are great for some, but not great for all - despite what social media and society wants us to think. 

Not many people get the perfect combination of great family and friends, amazing plans, time off for Christmas and New Years and being able to afford and receive presents. Yet if we went off Instagram, everyone’s lives are picture perfect.

Here are a few tips from the Tsrang fam on how to keep your spirits up this season:

  1. Muting negative family members on social media

  2. Setting an alarm for a daily form of exercise e.g. a 30 minute walk to get vitamin D

  3. Going into nature solo, for example reading at the beach with your favourite snacks

  4. Realise drinking and eating healthily is good for the wallet

  5. Phone a different friend a week to catch up

  6. Do more self care time for activities you enjoy

  7. Be mindful and intentional in decisions

  8. Setting clear boundaries with family members - not answering questions, or asking the questions back

  9. Finding solo activities that you enjoy without seeing other people e.g. reading, hobby

  10. Bask in the knowledge that you’re saving money from not buying gifts and food

By far the biggest tip was : 

  1. Stay off social media! 

Many people stress and worry around this season, but the lowlights are never posted.

Despite all the enviable photos that will float around, nobody is going to tell the stories of family dynamics or trouble with food, money and relationships.

Sure, the people we know aren’t fake. But social media is never the full picture.

Nobody has a perfect life - and it won’t change because it happens to be the 25th, or 1st of the month!

We hope you are able to keep safe, and relax as much as possible this summer.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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