Tsrang Label is a streetwear label founded by Esther Zhuang in October 2021 and is based in West Auckland, New Zealand. 

    Turbulent times in 2020 made her realise how necessary it was to let people in when she was feeling vulnerable, and share her experiences. Despite it being uncomfortable, it ultimately made life easier and gave her more control over her narrative, and meant that listeners had little to doubt. Sharing low moments also brings people closer together by placing trust within the relationship.

    Tsrang Label hopes to reflect and encourage being ok with your own vulnerabilities, and finding strength in honouring your feelings. The first pieces were hoodies, where we hope it gives you warmth and security when you need it. 

    Tsrang means dignified in historical Chinese and pronounced like J-ah-ng (rhymes with sung e.g. sung a song).

    Contact us on hello@tsranglabel.com or follow us on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram.