Best songs to rage to

I know what you think when you first see me (this is me, Esther, owner). That one’s got to be a headbanger. She must love a good screamo tune, that one. She loves raging.

And you would be correct!

In all honesty, I lost touch with my punk / rock / heavy metal self more than 10 years ago. However, it wasn’t until the My Chemical Romance concert in Auckland in March 2023 that I realised that I was singing along to every word about death and that I loved it. I love a good song to rage to. And I was wearing the denglong tshirt, which actually is a perfect fit amongst all the black, eyeliner and skinny jeans that everyone was wearing.

In remembrance of such an epic night - probably my favourite concert ever and my days of rage that were coming back to me,

here is a list of the best songs to rage to (in my opinion), with suggestions for what scenario it suits. Click the links to listen to the songs on YouTube.

1. Mama -  My Chemical Romance


  • You are in an anti-capitalist mood
  • You have a Christian upbringing, or have no religion
  • Your parents hover over you

Super easy to remember the lyrics and tune, which makes it super easy to scream and rage to. The last verse is super satisfying, with a surprise cameo from Liza Minelli. Not the one for active Christians though…

2. Delusional Exhibition - Pale Flag


  • You want something heavy 
  • You actually want some death metal music street credit

Real death metal. Addictive. Songs to really rage to when you really want to get into it. Catch onto them now so you can say ‘I knew them before they blew up’ as they’ve been doing really well in the NZ death metal scene. 


3. Bite My Tongue - You Me at Six


  • You have an annoying coworker or boss
  • You have annoying parents
  • Someone in your life annoys tf out of you

This song is about biting your tongue so you don’t say all the nasty stuff you wish you could say. Turn it up and rage after a frustrating day at work.

4. Lithium - Evanescence


  • You are feeling in a throwback mood
  • You also are feeling sorry for yourself

There needs to be some female representation on this list and Evanescence released banger after banger. Going down a rabbithole of Evanescence is always a good time down memory lane.

5. KILL ALL YOUR FRIENDS - My Chemical Romance


  • You have friends from high school (you were not homeschooled or dropped them all)
  • You still go back to the place you grew up in

Of course there needs to be two songs from MCR to honour their latest 2023 New Zealand concert. However, this one isn’t very screamo. This one is also where the lyrics are very clear and so you can remember the words and tune easily. It’s  great at capturing the whole ‘never left this place’/nostalgic feeling.


Hope you enjoy!


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