How to pronounce Tsrang

The word Tsrang or *tsraŋ is the ancient Chinese spelling of the surname Zhuang. It’s original meaning was “dignified”, or “grave”.

Zhuang is the owner Esther’s last name (please do not steal her identity). 

It is pronounced as j-ah-ng. 


Why the name?

The name was decided upon due to its uniqueness, and original meaning circling back to our central message of strength in vulnerability, and that there is dignity in revealing and healing.

Although it may be initially hard to spell and say in English, this is also the case for many non-Western names. We hope to encourage the normalcy of non-Western names in English speaking circles.

This is also an opportunity for more cultural diversity and representation in the NZ streetwear and fashion industry. 


Where is Tsrang Label based?

Tsrang Label was founded in 2021 and based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

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