Interview with Kiwi band from West Auckland, Double Parked

Tsrang Label is based in West Auckland, so OF COURSE we were all over Kiwi band Double Parked! It's also where the photoshoot for the hoodies took place, in Bethel's Beach in peak winter, and where the owner executed some of her worst driving through Te Henga with the models and photographer on board.

We're stoked to have scored an interview with Double Parked, who are a 5-piece band coming from the bush and beach of West Auckland! Having got their start by  shaking the floors of big Westie house parties, they're keen to get their music to land on as many fresh ears as possible. They describe their music as 'frothy surf rock' - if funk, punk, rock and reggae were shaken together and left in an empty beer bottle at the beach.

Honestly we thought they would be too cool for us to land an interview - but thanks again to the boys for agreeing!

Kiwi band Double Parked, 2023

What are the names of everyone in the band?

We are Tom Purdie (vocals), Travis Hassell (bass), Chad Mascelle (drums), Carlin Diprose (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Mackenzie (guitar).

How do you guys know each other? 

Chad: Most of us grew up together running amuck in West Auckland. I met Carlin at a mansion party in Titirangi then recruited him for a jam.

What made you decide to start a band?  

Chad: Well my previous band fizzled out & my 21st was approaching, Kyle & I had been frothing to start a band so we started putting the feelers out.

Pretty last minute we managed to pull together a 4-piece featuring Tom for a couple songs and now two and a half years later, the rest is history.

How does your normal song writing process go? 

Trav: To be honest, all our songs have come about through a different process almost every time.

Sometimes individuals will bring a fully formed song to the band and from there we each add our little bits of sparkle. Other times an idea will come to life when we are jamming and everyone will contribute equally to the structure, lyrics, music and overall sound of the song.

For the new music we are writing at the moment, we are writing it all together. It can sometimes be a slower and more tedious way to write, but I believe the product we get from having all of us involved in the process is a lot more authentic. We all dabble in vocals and other instruments so allowing everyone to be able to have a say on parts that they don’t even play live creates a more unique sound.

Kiwi band Double Parked, 2023

What was your first show like?

Trav: As Chad mentioned earlier our first show was at Chads 21st. He booked out a campsite at Goat Island marine reserve for the whole crew.

It was an awesome way to start off our live performance era as we were playing to 40 of our close mates who all loved it. Even after playing to big crowds and playing across the country, these house party type gigs when we are just playing to our mates have got to be my favorite type of shows. 

What are your plans for summer?

Trav: We’ve got an awesome summer planned. Currently we are writing some fresh songs that are coming along nicely. We can’t say too much, but we are looking at releasing a few singles and gigging as much as we can. Watch this space!

What are your favourite spots in West Auckland?

Trav: One of my favourite spots has got to be Whatipu. Me and Tom love to go surfing out there when the tide, wind and swell line up which isn’t often. This adds to the beauty of the place. It’s a magical beach with a lot of energy that you can feed off when you are chasing waves. I’ve recently had one of my favourite surfs ever there with 5 close mates and one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. As it’s a bit of a dangerous place to surf, you always get the break to yourself. 

 Listen to Double Parked on Spotify, and follow Double Parked on Instagram or Facebook to catch their next shows and news!

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