More is More 2022

It’s the end of January, so technically there’s only a few days left for this post to be /topical/, but we can always make new goals and resolve!

This year, consider adding things to life instead of restricting. Find out what things and hobbies make you happy, and give yourself permission to go toward it. Run towards things, instead of away.

The idea of aiming to give yourself more always seems to juxtapose against what you actually want – aiming to eat more vegetables or go to the gym more are not achievable if you don’t enjoy it.

Our tip to finding out what you would enjoy as new hobbies or activities is to go back to when you were a child. What did you enjoy doing back then?

If you’re planning on adding more self-care activities, what are the activities that actually give you a boost, and not the general ones like taking a walk or having a bath?

Here are our five suggestions for goals to get ‘more’ in 2022:

  1. Saying no to things more. The feeling of skipping out on an event you were dreading to spend time doing exactly what you want? Delicious.
  2. Spending more time with your favourite people, or connect with ones where they could be. Just because they’re your family or long time friend doesn’t mean they are people you really vibe with. Spend more time with the people that make you feel happy afterwards.
    When you meet someone you think is funny or seems to have a good vibe, maybe your resolution can be to send out more of that friend/follow request. For all its evils, social media at its core is about connecting people. A story react can spark up a conversation to make a new BFF
  3. Deleting more things off your phone. On the flip side, if LinkedIn and Facebook makes you anxious, delete it all.
  4. Exploring a favourite cuisine and eating more food. Trying to save money and not eat as much junk food is a very common New Years goal, but what about trying a new cuisine and hunting down a favourite version of a dish? We don’t know about you, but trying out all the different ramens on offer in your town, or finding who does the best pasta sounds like an amazing ride.
  5. Every body wants to read more books, because it seems like the best and most wholesome way to learn and pass time. If reading isn’t for you, we suggest finding and experimenting with more learning + entertainment options –listening to audiobooks, podcasts or watching more documentaries might be more enjoyable for you.


What do you have in mind for goals this year – what are you going to try add to your life?


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