Review of Auckland's parks for little walkies

Our pieces are perfect for being out and about in the Auckland streets, and those streets include when you are in the mood for a lil walkie!

With the weather currently switching within seconds, when the sun emoji appears on the weather app it’s time to take full advantage (although we want to be known on the record that we think apple weather is trash). Chuck on a hoodie on top of the tshirt to keep extra cosy!

Here are our reviews of some walks in Auckland we’ve been on for when the next time you’re in the mood to stretch your legs aligns with the weather:

Cornwall Park


  • Because Cornwall Park is a farm, the animals! There is nothing more thrilling than looking into a beast’s (sheep, cows, chickens) eyes and trying to figure out what they’re up to.
  • Lots of space - although the pathways may seem a bit crowded from time to time, the amount of green space makes it feel not as pushy.
  • A decent walk if you want it to be: nothing impresses like a casual ‘I walked/ran up One Tree Hill’.


  • The hill: if you don’t want to walk up a hill, you’re shit out of luck.
  • Parking: every Aucklander knows One Tree Hill, and is also looking out for the sun emoji to flock to the place.
  • The cafe: if you’re a true Aucklander and need a lil flat white as a treat, the cafe, particularly the service, is average and the ice cream man on the little Kohu Road stand was rude to me.

Oakley Creek Waterfall and Path

Did you know there’s a waterfall in Mt Albert? Well, now you do. 


  • A waterfall! In Mt Albert! That doesn’t take you 45 minutes to drive to! It is the only urban waterfall in Auckland.
  • Easy walk.


  • Don’t expect a Waitakere Range waterfall or an easy Instagram pic, you will need to know your angles.

The Oakley Creek waterfall

  • Definitely has a suburb vibe, like the park at the end of your street rather than lost in the wilderness vibe.

Henderson Creek Path

The person who wrote the description on the Auckland Council website needs a raise, it makes it sound awesome!


  • It is a decent walk that does take you through a variety of “scenes”: horse paddock, vineyards and the back end of Harvey Norman.
  • Very dog friendly.


  • Hard to follow the track: you need to walk through just a normal street, and it intersects with a lot of other trails for bikes and etc.
  • What art trail…
  • You will not be wowed at anything. It looks like park bush, roads, factories and horse poo. The vineyards are ok, but they are at the end.

The Wattle Bay Loop in Lynfield


  • This is more of a ‘lost in wilderness’ vibe without driving to Waitakere! Big trees, large wilderness and next to the sea.
  • Lesser known, so the track is not crowded, has less rubbish and more ‘rugged’ feeling.
  • A decent workout, as you are walking down (and the back up) cliffs.


  • Because it’s not as known, it can feel creepy if you’re walking there by yourself. Take a friend and/or a dog.
  • I once fainted from walking up the hill because I have low blood pressure but that’s my problem.

 The Mission Bay Walk from Mission Bay to Lady’s Bay

The favourite walk on the list. It’s next to beaches, it’s flat, it’s a decent walk. Park your car before you hit traffic on Tamaki Drive for a longer workout. FYI though: Lady’s Bay is a nudish beach.


  • It’s flat! Stroll through Mission Bay, St Heliers and Kohimaramara to get to Lady’s Bay.
  • Lots of people being wholesome around you: people cycling and running with their dogs with you, without being overwhelming once you’re not around the Mission Bay junction.
  • Nice view: you’re walking next to the water and beach! It’s great.
  • Lots of cafes and eateries nearby - handy if you need an emotional support Starbies
  • Sit on one of the beaches when you want a rest! St Heliers and Kohimaramara are much less crowded than Mission Bay, but are basically the same beach.


  • Mission Bay: why is this one of Auckland’s iconic beaches? It’s not that great, but draws a crowd and the food is a tourist trap.
  • Don’t hold food while walking or you’ll be swarmed by seagulls.
  • Better slip slop slap, there is not much cover.


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