What do the Tsrang Label hoodies mean?

Hoodies are the ultimate comfort piece. If it’s warm and looks good, you’ve hit the jackpot.

It’s the whole reason why I started Tsrang Label - I just really, really liked hoodies. They can look good while taking a walk, good while out shopping, good while out at dinner. This also was heavily influenced by COVID, but now as we head into the thick of winter again, the hoodies will be coming out of the wardrobe soon.

Why hoodies?

I started Tsrang Label when I was at a crossroads in my life. For the first time ever, I had started talking about how I felt, and things went the way I wanted them to. I went to therapy for the first time.

I was unemployed during the second lockdown of COVID, and jobs were scarce. With no job, no way to travel or buy a house, I was like fuck it - I’ll create my own job, fulfil a life goal of owning a hoodie business and with no liabilities relying on my income, I’ll take a gamble.

I was obsessed with hoodies - they took up all of my drawers at home. And I really wanted to make my own.

How did the design come about?

At the back of the hoodie is actually a photo rendering of a photo I took of Pt Chevalier beach. I was living in the neighbhouring suburb of St Lukes at the time, which meant that I had a lot of time to sit thinking about life and what I wanted to do.

Your job is definitely not tied into your worth, but it’s hard to do anything when you don’t have an income lol. So I can dramatically say the image represents when I had nothing but a dream. Or, in a more positive light, a new beginning. 

I actually first started experimenting with painting the image, but it never turned out the way I wanted it to.

What did I want it to mean?

As well as the meanings of new beginnings and dreams, it really was an empowerment statement as well. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got underneath when you’re wearing a hoodie, you are still protected. You can hide in hoodies, you can be confident in hoodies. 

Hoodies are like a warm hug, which we all need - and is what I want all the wearers of a Tsrang Label hoodie to feel. 


Whether you are in a crossroads in your life, or need that extra level of comfort : I want to say we’ve got you.

The hoodies come in 4 different colour ways - have a look and see which one is your favourite. The fan favourite is definitely the purple one.

And thanks to all who have been supporting Tsrang Label since day one!

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